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Hugh Freeze Relies On Faith During Times Of Crisis

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Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze says his faith helps him through times of crisis.

Hugh Freeze is a well-known Christian who just happens to be the head coach of a major college football program, Ole Miss. In a time of crisis like the one he is currently going through with NCAA investigations, how does he continue to operate?

“I only have one way,” Freeze said on The Paul Finebaum Show. “It’s my faith.”

For Freeze, the last few weeks since the NFL Draft have been hectic, with former player Laremy Tunsil accusing Ole Miss of providing him money to pay his rent and his mother’s utility bills.

Freeze’s faith is a crutch that he continues to lean on.

“When I say my faith, and I’m outspoken about that, that doesn’t mean I’m perfect,” Freeze said. “That doesn’t mean I’m telling folks that I have it figured out. I know the one who does and I know the end of the game and I know the end of the story for me. It is in Him and in my God through his son Jesus that gives me that peace to just stay the course.”

That peace will help as the NCAA investigates the claims by Tunsil while Ole Miss also answers the notice of allegations that the NCAA sent in January. Freeze said getting rid of some things in life that doesn’t matter helps as well.

“There’s something about it, adversity does, that brings you to a picture where you really find out what’s important to you and who’s important to you and what qualities you really want to hone in your life,” Freeze said. “The chiseling away of all the things that’s not important, there’s a sweet freedom in that too.”

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