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Dear Hugh Freeze: An Open Letter Concerning Blocking Me On Twitter

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Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze has blocked me on Twitter. I will now write an open letter to him every week until I get answers and this changes.

Dear Coach Freeze,

Much like Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption, I too am behind walls. Oh, not actual prison walls, but a figurative wall that has been put up between us on Twitter. For some reason, I am blocked from having the privilege of seeing your tweets, and, just like Andy, I am innocent and being persecuted for no reason.

This is where my letter campaign comes in. Andy wanted to raise funds for a new library. Yours truly just wants to be able to follow you on social media (and maybe, just maybe, you give me a follow back). 

Sure, I wrote an article going after your statement that you had “made mistakes, but did not cheat.” As your job is to win football games, mine is to report on the great sport of college football. We should work in unison, not against each other. Instead of fighting, we should have a healthy understanding of each other, and that can only be achieved through communication.

We might disagree at times (who doesn’t have these moments), but we were put on this planet to do one thing: love college football and everything it represents.

You and I aren’t much different, you know. We are both sometimes targets due to our faith, by beliefs being that, of course, Murder, She Wrote is the greatest television show ever aired. Do you ever feel lonely, and that no one truly understands who you are or where you are going in life? We can commiserate during those times.

So, like Andy, I will be writing a weekly letter addressed to you, hoping that one day soon, we can both live in harmony and laugh at that time you or your public relations team felt the need to erase me from your timeline.

Here’s to second chances, Hugh!



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