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W. Basketball. Meet Women’s Basketball Players Justice Swett and Kennedy Salow

Nov. 6, 2014

Question Meet Justice Swett Meet Kennedy Salow
Nickname: Trusty or Justy Kenny, Ken, T-Swift
3 songs that I know every word to: Just What I Am-Kid Cudi, Money on my Mind-Sam Smith, The Morning- The Weekend Oceans- Hillsong United, Stay with Me- Sam Smith, All of Me- John Legend
Movie that never gets old: Remember the Titans Hoosiers
I can’t go a day without: Talking to my brother Orange Juice
Thing I miss the most about home: My dad’s cooking My family and friends
Last supper menu: Ribs made by my grandfather, Cajun pasta alfredo by my dad, granny’s macaroni, mashed potatoes, greens and hot water cornbread, applesauce Homemade roast beef with onions and carrots, mashed potatoes, corn, and bitter sweet chocolate on ice cream
A food I refuse to eat: green peas Sushi
Favorite quote: “There is a story behind everything, but behind all stories is your mother’s story for hers is where yours begins.”- Mitch Albom, For One More Day “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”
Favorite piece of clothing in my wardrobe: Long sleeve polo t-shirt with a pocket My big comfy sweatshirt
Most people don’t know this about me, but…: I have a twin in the army I love to color and read
Best concert I’ve ever been to: Drake Dierks Bentley at USNA
Favorite Disney character: Goofy Thumper – Bambi
My perfect day would involve these 3 things: Playing pick-up with my brothers, lunch with my whole family, movie night with my best friend Basketball, movies, my favorite people
Favorite board game or card game: Old Maid Spoons
Heels, sandals or kicks?: Sandals Kicks
Game day ritual or superstition: I have to wear some sort of shirt with sleeves under my jersey Praying before the game
Sport I would most want to play in college other than basketball: Tennis Volleyball
Favorite athlete: Kevin Durant Tim Tebow
Most valuable lesson I learned through basketball: Respecting other people You can’t make it through everything by yourself
Person who inspired me the most: My dad My parents
My teammates would say that I am known for: Cracking jokes My stupid comments
Best dressed teammate: Makeba Ndifang Rebecca Richmond
Funniest player on the team: Chloe Stapleton Haley Unger
Most competitive player on the team: Rebecca Richmond Sarita Jo Condie
Player on the team most likely to have a breakout season this year: Sarita Jo Condie Rebecca Richmond
This season I am most looking forward to: Army game at Army Road trips
Teammate most likely to coach: Sarah Reilly Sarah Reilly
Teammate most likely to be a mom first: Sarah Reilly Sara Jones
Teammate most likely to serve 20 years in the Navy: Rebecca Richmond Ashanti Kennedy
Teammate who posts the most selfies on social media: Taylor Dunham Chloe Stapleton
I chose to attend the USNA because: Free education Basketball and serving my country
Favorite Naval Academy tradition: First salute as an officer after graduation Army and Air Force week
Being a Midshipman means: Preparing to lead people as an officer in the armed forces Representing the future of the Navy and Marine Corps

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