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The Seth Davis Show: Frank Kaminsky

Duration: 2:26 //Posted Wed, Mar 18, 8:00 AM MDT

The Seth Davis Show: Kevin Ollie

Duration: 35:11 //Posted Mon, Feb 23, 5:00 AM MST
UConn head coach Kevin Ollie joins The Seth Davis Show Thursday, February 26 on

The Seth Davis Show: Geno Auriemma

Duration: 41:27 //Posted Mon, Feb 16, 5:00 AM MST
UConn women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma joins The Seth Davis Show Thursday, February 19 on

The Seth Davis Show: Bo Ryan

Duration: 43:13 //Posted Mon, Feb 09, 5:00 AM MST
Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan joins The Seth Davis Show Thursday, February 12 on

The Seth Davis Show: Steve Lavin

Duration: 46:13 //Posted Mon, Feb 02, 5:00 AM MST
St. John's head coach Steve Lavin joins The Seth Davis Show Thursday, February 5 on

The Seth Davis Show: Michelle Beadle

Duration: 47:18 //Posted Mon, Jan 26, 5:00 AM MST
ESPN host and sports reporter Michelle Beadle joins The Seth Davis Show Thursday, January 29 on

The Seth Davis Show: Bryant Gumbel

Duration: 42:18 //Posted Mon, Jan 19, 5:00 AM MST
Bryant Gumbel, host of HBO's Real Sports, joins The Seth Davis Show Thursday, January 22 on

The Seth Davis Show: Charles Barkley, Part II

Duration: 34:38 //Posted Thu, Jan 15, 5:00 AM MST
Watch the conclusion of Seth Davis' conversation with NBA great Charles Barkley. Hear from Sir Charles on his relationships with Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, struggles with gambling, his golf swing and more.

The Seth Davis Show: Charles Barkley Part 1

Duration: 27:48 //Posted Mon, Dec 22, 5:00 AM MST
Charles Barkley discusses why he has no respect for the NCAA and what he would do if an Auburn booster asked for money to recruit a player.

Best of The Seth Davis Show 2014

Duration: 31:21 //Posted Thu, Dec 18, 8:00 AM MST
Join The Seth Davis Show as we relive the best moments from 2014 including conversations with Vin Scully, Robert Griffin III, John Calipari, and Rick Pitino.

The Seth Davis Show: Kliff Kingsbury

Duration: 20:13 //Posted Thu, Dec 11, 8:00 AM MST
The Seth Davis Show welcomes Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury to discuss his return to his alma mater, playing quarterback for the Red Raiders, the greatness of Johnny Manziel and much more.

The Seth Davis Show: Dak Prescott

Duration: 26:34 //Posted Wed, Dec 03, 5:00 AM MST
Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott joins Campus Insiders' Seth Davis to discuss his rise to stardom in Starkville, growing up in Louisiana and much more.

The Seth Davis Show: Gus Malzahn

Duration: 24:31 //Posted Thu, Nov 27, 5:00 AM MST
Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn talks about his start in high school football, the advent of his offense, coaching former Tigers quarterback Cam Newton and if he's looking for an NFL job in the future.

The Seth Davis Show: Rick Pitino

Duration: 39:08 //Posted Wed, Nov 19, 5:00 AM MST
Louisville head coach Rick Pitino joins The Seth Davis Show to talk about his career in college basketball, the challenges he's faced on and off the court and much more.

The Seth Davis Show: Dan Mullen

Duration: 32:00 //Posted Wed, Nov 12, 5:00 AM MST
Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen opens up about his time in Starkville, being the nation's top-ranked team in college football and much more.

The Seth Davis Show: John Calipari

Duration: 39:02 //Posted Wed, Nov 05, 2:45 PM MST
Kentucky head coach John Calipari joins Seth Davis to discuss his expectations for the Wildcats this season, his recruiting style at Kentucky, some of his biggest coaching rivals and much more.

The Seth Davis Show: Mike Gundy

Duration: 27:48 //Posted Wed, Oct 29, 6:00 AM MDT
Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy talks about his time in Stillwater both as a player and coach, his infamous post-game rant and the chance of taking an NFL job in the future.

The Seth Davis Show: Steve Sarkisian

Duration: 25:15 //Posted Wed, Oct 22, 5:00 AM MDT
USC head coach Steve Sarkisian talks about his road back to Southern California as head coach of the Trojans, what he learned from Super Bowl-winning coach Pete Carroll and much more.

The Seth Davis Show: David Shaw

Duration: 22:51 //Posted Thu, Oct 16, 6:00 AM MDT
Stanford head coach Davis Shaw joins The Seth Davis Show to discuss playing and coaching career in Palo Alto, what he learned from coaching greats Bill Walsh and his father, Willie, and his relationship with NFL star Richard Sherman.

The Seth Davis Show: Marcus Mariota

Duration: 26:41 //Posted Wed, Oct 08, 5:00 AM MDT
Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota joins The Seth Davis Show to discuss the Ducks' quest for a national championship, his Heisman hopes, growing up in Hawaii and much more.