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All I want for Frostivus

I hope everyone is having – or about to have – a good winter holiday. With 2017 a few weeks away, it’s time to enjoy the spirit of the holidays and make a wish list for the upcoming second half of the season! In no particular order are what I wish to see in 2017. Some of them might happen immediately, while others can only be achieved later in the season. Please Saint Salamander, make my 2017 Dota 2 wishes a reality.

  1. I wish for teams to figure out the patch quickly and adapt things to their playstyles. I realize that it’s unreasonable to expect teams to figure out every single thing of the patch, which is why I’m not. All I ask is that they figure out something that works for them, something new that couldn’t be done in 6.88. Whether it is the new best push strat or some combination of heroes that automatically wins team fights, I have high hopes that more than one team can get it done. I really hope we don’t see Alchemist every game like things were in 6.88.

  1. I wish for twitch chat to get along during our broadcasts. We all just want to watch exciting doto, why do we have to fight? The last thing I want to have to do during a broadcast is actually moderate the chat, because that takes away from my ability to enjoy the games fully. It also prevents the casters from casting at 100% since they have to worry about chat as well as cast, and that’s just bad for everyone.

  2. I want to see something done by a team or individual player that isn’t being done by anyone else. I want to see some crazy item build that has chat erupt in “what the hell, that build makes no sense, what are they doing?” only to realize that it’s the build to do now, and suddenly everyone is doing it. I want to see a team play with a support as core or vice versa, abusing a certain lineup or talent build. I’ve seen core Lich tried in a few of my games, and it’s not even bad. If Reddit can come up with a new hero playstyle, I’m sure many teams will be able to come up with something better as soon as play resumes.

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  1. I’d like to see University of Texas at Austin go completely undefeated in the regular season. I’m not even a big fan of them per se, I just think it would be really neat. I don’t think we have had a team go completely undefeated in the regular season before. There have been several teams that have been close, or have been undefeated in one half of the season but not the other. Not only would it be incredibly impressive, but it’d set a great bar for future teams to measure themselves against.


  1. I wish with all my heart that Valve do not release a large patch that changes a lot of things DAYS BEFORE OUR FINALS like they have 2 years in a row now. Competition is fierce enough in the playoff semi-finals, we don’t need the added flavour of the game changing a lot while teams are flying to the LAN final. Hopefully with our finals following the Kiev major, the game won’t dramatically change like it has in the past.

  2. I hope more than wish, that teams who were at the bottom of their divisions don’t lose heart. As I’ve said countless times this year, the competition has never been more intense, teams are really good this season. Because the first half of the season has teams seeded by region, there’s going to be some glaring skill disparity in some of the divisions. That was in 6.88 though, we’re in 7.00 now. If your team has the motivation to learn the patch and practice, then there’s no telling how well they’ll do. As Tulsa’s coordinator Joe “IceNine” Chilen said during The Quad “we thought that either we just got terrible or everyone is just way better than last year”, his team lost their first 3 series of the year, then won the next 4. So don’t lose hope!

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