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Californians Come Out to Play


University of California, Davis will face University of British Columbia in their semifinal match, and what a match it will be. I’ve been keeping an eye on UCD since last season and have considered them one of the best teams for a long time now. Last season they impressed me with how frequently they picked Spectre and focussed on a mid-game timing, opting to play on the defensive and react to their opponents. This season they’ve really filled the cracks in their play as well as pick up two 7k players along the way.

Representing the west coast along with California State University Long Beach, UCD has their work cut out for them against UBC. If the bracket had worked out differently, I would have predicted UCD vs UBC in the finals, but semifinals will have to do.

As a Canadian, I am, of course, cheering for UBC. Should UCD prevail I kind of hope that CSULB are there to meet them because an all-California finals would be really neat and very amusing. Screw “west coast vs east coast” debates, it’ll be “California coast vs everywhere else”. CSULB kind of snuck into the LAN finals since many were focused on favorites Georgia Tech and University of Texas at Austin. It seems obvious now to say that CSULB is clearly better than both of those teams, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if others predicted either of those teams to beat CSULB in the quarterfinals.

CSULB has one of the better regular season records in the league, with only one lost series to UCD, a series that may predict the outcome should they meet in the finals. With their explosive mid player that plays as aggressively as many offlane players have recently, they should fare well against UConn in their semifinal match. Whatever the outcome of that series, I’m sure our finals will be fantastic.

Check out these vods to see just what California has to offer on the battlefield. 

CSULB vod link:
UCD vod link:

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