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CSL Dota Finals Predictions

Toronto in less than a week, players! Some of the CSL DotA 2 staff members put on their prediction caps for this year’s finals to guess who will walk away with the champion title. Check out the predictions and let us know what you think! 


“On the Dota2 side, an interesting turn of events will have my dark horse Toronto sitting at home watching these finals. An easy answer seems to be UC Davis to take it all, but don’t overlook an in form and hungry UBC. If UBC was able to knockout Toronto, they sure as hell have the capability to do the same in the first semi versus UC Davis. In what was a weird year for UConn competitively and organizationally, they’ve managed to make top 4, and I could see them beating CSU Long Beach as well, but that will be end of the line for them. As mentioned above expect UC Davis to show up big on stage and title.” – Dan ‘chl’ Pauley

“The West coast more or less dominated the DotA scene in CSL, so I’m really excited to see an Eastern school play in the finals. That being said, I don’t quite expect UConn to make top two. UConn had some pretty solid drafts, but, their plays were strangely sloppy and seemingly uncoordinated. Hopefully with finals over and the Visa issue resolved, we’ll get to see them play at their peak; however, I want to say that UBC will be the team to walk away with first place. It’s hard to argue against a team that has constantly demonstrated great patience and skill throughout their games.” — Michelle “Pewpew” Shin

“UBC are gonna win it all. Last year, Sinclair lead the team to victory with his great plays. The rest of the team are just as good as they were last year, which is to say they’re really damn good. Although the team doesn’t have Sinclair anymore, they’re much more powerful with his replacement. UC Davis and CSULB look really strong and could potentially take it as well, but I think they’ll fall beneath the heavy boots of UBC.” – Charles “Torrasque” Harrison

Ucd finals>uconn” – Zingle

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