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Dota 2 Round of 16 Recap Hype

University of California Davis vs. University of California Berkeley

After going undefeated with a perfect 14-0 record, one might’ve hoped for UCD to run out of steam. Unfortunately for Berkeley, it looked like the exact opposite with UCD slaughtering Berkeley in a series that was never in doubt. The Golden Bears tried their best with various strategies like aggressive trilanes and Clockwerk cogs to give their Shadow Fiend a head start, but everything fell flat in the face of UCD.

Result: 2-0 UCD

Cornell University vs. Stony Brook University

In a rematch of the first half of the season, Cornell would get their revenge in a closely contested series against Stony Brook. It looked a bit dangerous for Cornell at times, but the veterans managed to settle down and pull through in the end thanks to some clutch play from Eric “soLar” Zhou on his Timbersaw.

Result: 2-1 Cornell

University of Toronto vs. Carnegie Mellon University

As the only other undefeated team left in CSL, Toronto continued to take care of business as usual. Game one looked a bit spotty for a bit, but a few slip-ups from CMU allowed Toronto’s Alchemist to catch up and snowball. As a result, CMU seemed a bit tilted, which allowed Toronto to comfortably take game two.

Result: 2-0 Toronto

University of British Columbia vs. Rutgers University

The champions of last year took on an extremely tough Rutgers team in a series that would be the longest one yet. After decisive victories from both squads in game one and two, game three would push both teams to the limit with a 94 minute slugfest. In the end, UBC would be the one to take it after Rutgers decided to all in on a push, leaving the possibility open for our first ever repeat champion.

Result: 2-1 UBC

Rochester Institute of Technology vs. Purdue University

Forfeit win for RIT.

Result: 2-0 RIT

University of Connecticut vs. Michigan State University

Games one and two featured stellar Shadow Fiend play from both sides, as the series would split heading into a decisive game three. A relatively even game, for the most part, would tilt in the favor of UConn after some ill-advised fights from Michigan State. From there, the gap became wider and wider until it was insurmountable, forcing out a GG from Michigan State after megas were secured for UConn.

Result: 2-1 UConn

Georgia Tech vs. University of Texas Austin

After a roster change that saw an already formidable Texas become even stronger, the Yellow Jackets surprised everyone and pushed through to the next round. After a quick loss in game one, Georgia Tech would bounce back with a close victory in game two, and then secured their spot in the top 8 with a stomp in game three.

Result: 2-1 GT

University of California Irvine vs. California State University Long Beach

In a match between two Californian teams, it was CSULB that would come out on top. While both games weren’t really stomps, they were convincing. As a team whose only loss was against the juggernaut UCD, CSULB should be on everybody’s radar heading into the round of eight.

Result: 2-0 CSULB

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