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ICYMI: League of Legends College Championship Recap

The penultimate collegiate League of Legends event is finally in the books and we saw some incredible plays and awesome stories play out on the stage in Los Angeles. At times it seemed like anything could happen out on the Rift, so if you can check out the full slate of action, you definitely should. However, if you’d like an idea of what went down beforehand, we’ve got you covered. Here’s CSL’s recap of the LoL College Championship.

Eight Entered…

Photo Credit: Riot Games

Simon Fraser University vs The University of Toronto

A clash of Canadian titans was the opening set for the College Championship, with the reigning canadian champions Simon Fraser University taking on the University of Toronto. All eyes were on Simon Fraser after months of proving doubters wrong, while expectations were set low for Toronto due to the loss of their star jungler YummiBananas. The first game went as many collegiate analysts expected — a decisive victory start to finish for Simon Fraser to take a lead in the opening series. Then….the script absolutely flipped. Behind a superb composition from the drafting phase and an excellent performance from their AD Carry Erry on Twitch, Toronto rallied with force and tied the match in a thirty plus minute bout. Game three came…..and who were the favorites again? Toronto, seeking to claim the throne as the best team hailing from Canada, on the biggest stage either of these teams had played on, rolled over and stunned SFU in a final game that put everyone on notice: Toronto was here to play.

Texas A&M vs Carnegie Mellon University

CMU took on A&M in the most one sided set of the tournament. In game one, A/M came out strong and swinging, matching CMU for the first twenty minutes well, yet was never able to accrue a lead. Behind the veteran prowess of their former pros, Yusui and MegaZero, CMU came stormed to a victory after overpowering team fights in the mid game. Game two was not as close, as CMU polished off their early game mistakes and roared to a twenty seven minute win to secure a 2-0 victory.

University of Maryland vs Robert Morris University (IL)

Two time uLoL finalist Robert Morris University took on Big Ten Network champions Maryland in a fresh matchup we had yet to see this season. The opening game was a close contest early, but Maryland took off the mid game, sealing a thirty minute victory over Robert Morris after a few well executed team fights. The next game, Robert Morris came alive on the back of their mid laner Gillette, who put up a fantastic Taliyah performance, dominating to tie the series in a quick game. Following the routing, Maryland looked to bounce back in the third game, playing much better early than previously, but once again, one of Robert Morris’ stars took over the game — this time their jungler, Mordio, who led his team into the semifinals.

Maryville University vs University of British Columbia

The clash of champions: last year’s uLoL champions, UBC, versus last year’s Collegiate Starleague champions, Maryville. UBC was looking to prove they were still the giants that they were previously after a surprisingly disappointing uLoL regular season, losing to SFU in their regional finals, and Maryville was on a mission to cement themselves as the greatest collegiate roster North America has ever seen. To begin with, it looked as if the UBC of old had returned in game one. Through the decisive split pushing of their top laner CJ, UBC were in control of the game from the outset and took a clean 1-0 lead. However, the Maryville we have come to know – precise, overbearing and unstoppable- showed up in the the latter two games. Two excellent team fight comps helped  Maryville walk over the former collegiate champions and MU advanced to see their rivals Robert Morris in semi finals. 

Four Remained…

The story of the final four? Regional final rematches.

University of Toronto vs Carnegie Mellon University

Old wounds were reopened to start the semifinals of the College Championship, as two teams who had already seen each other in a regional finals faced off once again. Toronto sought a repeat of their victory in the Eastern Conference finals while CMU thirsted for revenge. Game one was all Toronto all day — the Canadian school walked over CMU in a shutout victory.

However, CMU would not continue to falter in the following game, fighting and matching all across the map through the early and mid game, finally team fighting their way to tie the series post thirty minutes to tie the set behind a quadra kill by AD Carry Coggles near Baron. 

Game Three was the closest in the series, with both teams trading blows until an Elder Dragon fight in the late game, where Toronto gained the advantage and the 2-1 series lead afterward. 

Match four came and Toronto returned to their form from the beginning of the series and destroyed CMU in every lane on the Rift and catapulted themselves into the finals.

Robert Morris University (IL) vs Maryville

The trilogy. The rivalry between these two teams has been built throughout the collegiate season. Maryville took the North finals in five games, Robert Morris claimed Midwest Campus Clash in three. It was time to decide who truly was the better of the two of these Northern superteams. Maryville came out with one thing in mind: avenging their loss in Columbia and silencing all of the trash talk they had received. With game one, they set themselves up with all the means to begin doing so. Saskio almost single handedly beat Robert Morris with his Kled, despite their bot lane gaining quite the early advantage. That Kled was indeed too much Robert Morris, who went down 0-1 to Maryville. 

Game two was much more close and true testament to how even these two universities can be in any given game. They traded leads from early to mid game, with every fight meaning a new tempo established on the Rift. Not until a Baron and a final base fight would Maryville seal their 2-0 lead on the series. If Robert Morris were going to make it back to their third straight uLoL final, they would have to do it in reverse-sweep fashion. 

It looked as if Robert Morris would begin to do just that. From zero to thirty five minutes, it was all RMU. MU’s bot lane was completely shut down, their solo lanes a non factor, and their jungle outpaced by Mordio’s Olaf. Robert Morris was sure to take it to game four….until the Jinx from MU’s Prototype came alive. One failed base break in top lane gave the once irrelevant ADC a quadra kill and put Maryville right back into the contest. Robert Morris began to completely collapse.


Photo Credit: Riot Games

With the late game here and Jinx fully alive, Maryville took it Robert Morris, knowing that their adversaries had squandered their lead and they were in the driver seat. Only minutes later, the miracle comeback was over and Maryville advanced to the finals, ending RMU’s consecutive finals appearances in a clean 3-0 sweep. 

A North American Showdown: The Stars and Stripes vs The Great White North

Two teams on opposite spectrums met for the College Championship. Maryville, a team with expectations as tournament favorites and seemed destined to be the only apex program in collegiate League of Legends, and Toronto, a team that was doubted by many, with some not believing they could make it out of quarters. 

Toronto came out of the gate on a quest to continue to silence everyone who counted them out. They took it to Maryville, overpowering in every lane and stopping the favorites right in their tracks with an impressive game one victory to go up over MU.

Then, the Walrus came. Maryville’s jungler came absolutely alive in game two and took over with his Lee Sin, leading his team to regaining their ground to give a dominant showing of their own to tie it up.

The third game was a full return to form for Maryville, as all five of their players seemed to completely outclass Toronto in every aspect, it was as if two different teams had entered the contest this time around. After twenty six minutes, Maryville was up 2-1 and one game away from their first uLoL championship.

As if to mirror game two, Maryville’s jungler Walrus once again decided that the only player on the team that mattered in Game Four was himself: it was his Nidalee and the championship, that was all. He grabbed an early first blood in the mid lane and began to snowball all across the Rift. Toronto put up a decent fight elsewhere, particularly in the bot lane with Erry’s twitch, but at the end of the day, nothing could stop Walrus — he grabbed an insane pentakill under U of T’s mid lane inhibitor turret and sealed the championship for Maryville to cap off an a cinderella season of utter dominance.

Maryville, a team that have become no strangers to success, claimed their first National Collegiate uLoL title.

What did you think of the LoLCC games? Did you see Walrus’ pentakill? What were some of your favorite moments from this season of collegiate LoL? Let Julian or us know on Facebook and Twitter just how excited you are for next year’s slate of collegiate League of Legends action!

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