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Post Season Round-Up

 Another round of congratulations to the finalists this season, but don’t count the other teams out! There were some damn good teams this year; unfortunately, we can’t address them all! This is but a very short and simple top ten round up, so stay tuned for the next season to see if this list stays true.

1. University of British Columbia

It goes without saying that the team that won the last 2 seasons is the best team in the league. Their regular season record wasn’t immaculate, but besides one lost game to Rutgers in the round of 16, UBC soundly crushed all other competition on their way to the double crown.

2. University of Connecticut

After the first half of the season, UConn basically disbanded and only made playoffs as a result of BYEs. After coming to terms with their team communication problems UConn turned a new leaf and played superbly all the way to the finals.

3. University of California, Davis

Under the leadership of Ian “Lucky57” Skebba, UCD has been a powerhouse team for multiple seasons now. If they stay together for next season, they’ll definitely be a favorite.

4. California State University, Long Beach

CSULB kind of flew under the radar for the majority of the season. With so many other strong teams this year, another strong team was commonplace. It wasn’t until they defeated Georgia Tech that many said, “oh wow these guys are good”.

5. Georgia Tech

I expected Georgia Tech to at least make it to the semifinals this season, so to see them knocked out in the quarterfinals came as a bit of a shock. I hope Michael “Ledintoke” Decker returns next year, his Axe is always a delight to watch.

6. Cornell University

I had interviewed Cornell a couple days before their series against UCD and they were in good spirits, ready to face their foe. They may not be the best team in the league, but they’ve always been very fun and easy to talk to.

7. University of Toronto

UBC and UofT have had a friendly rivalry going on this season, so it was only natural that they’d meet before the finals. Before the playoffs, many expected UofT to come out on top, only they knew the true power of the revitalized UBC squad.

8. Rochester Institute of Technology

Many of the best teams last season were carried on the backs of one or more exceptional players. This season, most of the best teams had two to three of these star players at least. RIT may not have made it to the LAN but I’ll always remember this play by Will “Evadin” Dickinson.

9. Rutgers University

Rutgers has always been an entertaining team to watch, their drafts tended to feature a dragon hero more often than not. I hope Diego “Stormsoldat” Corea returns next season and doesn’t have the misfortune of running into a team like UBC again.


10. University of Texas at Austin

Similar to UConn, UT Austin had to deal with team problems during the season. Once their problems were resolved they were ready to make a deep run in the playoffs, the competition was simply too strong for them this season.

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