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The American half of the round of eight bracket finished up last week with Temple University facing off against University of California, Berkeley and Rochester Institute of Technology facing off against University of Connecticut. The winners of these matches will play in Toronto for a chance at the title. Read on for a recap of those matches.

RIT and UConn went head to head last Tuesday.

In my last article, I predicted UConn would be able to beat RIT if they end it before the ace match. However, if RIT could force the ace, then Nick “Pokebunny” Taber would be able to bring home the win. Fortunately for UConn, they were able to seal up the series before that happened . You can see for yourself exactly how each game went down, but I definitely recommend checking out those team games.

Temple faced off against Berkeley on Thursday’s stream.

Along with many others, I also predicted that the weekend Berkeley team would fall to Temple. That said, I did expect Berkeley to force an ace match. Both Jay “Raze” Whipple and Robbie “Tesla” Plata were able to win their one-versus-one matches. Then, in a wild Protoss-versus-Protoss Archon match, Plata and his teammate Yuchong “CentaurWA” Wang were able to close out the series 3-1. If you were to watch any one game from last week, I would recommend this one.

  Keep in mind, Waterloo is in the round of four.

We now have our four finalists: Temple University, University of Connecticut, University of Waterloo, and Universite de Montreal. In the coming weeks, I will be interviewing each of the teams as well as previewing the upcoming matchups in depth. Keep an eye out for those and be sure to tune in May 12-14 on Twitch to catch the exciting Collegiate StarLeague StarCraft II action!

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