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Spotlight: The Remaining Playoff Contenders

It’s been quite the bloody bracket. Lots of talented teams came up short of their goal, and with only eight schools left (four in each of our brackets), there are still more dreams to crush; but for a moment, let’s focus on those that have achieved their semifinal placements. 


From Left to Right: SCHOOLBOYSHUE, LowRoad, LILDINHO, and Blocky305

First, we have Bridgewater College, represented by SCHOOLBOYSHUE. Virginia was the birthplace of this country, so it seems suitable that they’d dominate the most American sport. Undefeated in the regular season, SCHOOLBOYSHUE took down reps from big football schools in Virginia Tech, Marshall, and Clemson. 

Facing off against Bridgewater is the West Coast Riders of the College of Marin. Represented by LowRoad, the Cali school is undefeated this season, and coming off a big win in the quarterfinals against FSU. The semis is set to be a classic West Coast v East Coast matchup, which will likely be heated. 

On the other side of the bracket, we have YaBoyVickk representing Richland Community College. Another undefeated team, YaBoyVickk has managed to take down several other Illinois schools and has a nice prestige victory over a Fighting Irish rep. 

YaBoyVickk will be facing off against the only non-undefeated team on this bracket, the MDC Sharks, hailing from Miami-Dade college. Blocky305’s only loss this season came at the hands of Sticknation, a player we featured in an article earlier this month. Blocky305 deserves recognition for being one of the few players that actually reps the NFL team of his area in his logo. Seriously, you people need to get more regional pride.

For PS4

From Left to Right: RigamortisGaming and MuteIsCool. UncleDreww and tdavis not pictured.

First on the PS4 side, we have UncleDreww representing Prince George’s Community College with the team name PGCC Owls. UncleDreww has gone to war with Navy, played matador with the UCF Bulls, and successfully operated around Johns Hopkins. Undefeated, the Owls are ready to take on the best. 

And what’s better than Success? Player tdavis of Salem State University chose the name of their team wisely. Whether it’s against MIT, University of South Carolina, or established CSL competitors RIT, tdavis can only find Success. It’s always fun to see two seemingly unstoppable undefeated teams fight it out to give the other their first taste of losing; UncleDreww v tdavis promises to bring excitement.

On the other side of the bracket, RigamortisGaming represents Central Pennsylvania College with the CPC Knights. CPC is another of the unique non-undefeated teams to make it this far, with their only bump in the road being a loss to Drexel in the regular season. That slight blemish hasn’t stopped them from clearing through their bracket so far though.

Fortunately, they aren’t the only team to overcome difficulties. California State University, San Marcos’ MuteIsCool is the only team in either bracket to have two losses on their record. Those losses came to teams combining for a record of 13-1, but one has to wonder if the fact that CPC is coming off a win over Moorpark College, one of the teams to hand MuteIsCool a loss, doesn’t signal possible troubles ahead. Or maybe this is nothing more than a shot at redemption. We shall see. 

Overall, we’ve had a lot of players competing in this inaugural season, and making it this far is a real testament to the skill and ability of these players. Soon though, we will have to see some of those commendable runs come to an end. Who do you think will take home the crown? Let Nathan or us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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